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Motocross Suspension FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions we hear regarding suspension revalves and maintenance.

Is Moto4Play locally owned & operated?

Yes! And we're proud of it. We operate out of Mascotte, FL and attend all Florida Trail Riders events (Hare Scrambles & Enduros) as well as select motocross races throughout Florida. Stop by and say hello if you ever spot us!

How often should I have my suspension serviced?

We recommend every 30-35 hours to maintain performance. Any longer and you will almost definitely start to notice more stiction, less dampening, and more fading. If you're serious about suspension, it's imperative to not let your suspension go too long before servicing.

Do you offer more than just motocross suspension services?

Absolutely! While suspension is our primary focus, we also offer race prepping services (for those too busy to work on their bike in between weekends) as well as complete engine rebuild services. If it's a motorcycle, we can work on it!

What can I expect to pay for a suspension revalve?

Suspension revalves can be done for as little as a few hundred dollars or thousands, depending on the riders wants and needs, as well as what wear items need to be replaced.

I'm not sure what I should do with my suspension. Can you recommend something?

Of course! We'll ask you some questions about your budget, what terrain you ride, your ability level and more to determine a cost-effective suspension solution for your exact situation.